The Conservatory Artists Guild 2018-2019 Exhibition and Art Sale Schedule:

Late Winter 2019:  February 24th  - March 9th- People's Choice Award

Gallery Hours:  Monday - Friday 10:00am - 7:30pm, Saturdays, 10:00am - 2:30pm
Throughout the exhibit and sale our visitors are encouraged to vote for their favorite work of art!
Opening Reception: 
Sunday, February 24th, from 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Join us for wine and cheese!


The mission of The Conservatory Artists Guild is to provide exhibition opportunities and to advance the appreciation of art through our community's talented artists. Proceeds from the sale of Guild art work help support The Conservatory's outreach programs.


  • Art show & sale
  • In-house sale of member's artwork
  • Low commission (20%) on the sale of artwork
  • Participation in year round lobby exhibit (rotating full time art exhibit on lobby wall)
  • Listing of all members and a website link on The Conservatory's website
  • The knowledge that your participation is helping The Conservatory to carry out its mission of bringing the arts to our community
  • Membership in a supportive community of artists
MEMBERSHIP:  $25.00 annual fee

To become a member call 215-340-7979 and ask for Casey Bonner, Program Manger




Robert Allen
Sandy Askey-Adams
Ruth Bitsko
Nina Bolfing
Maggi Boyer
Vickie Brown
Dot Bunn
Joyce Danko
Teresa W. Davis
Joe D'Aquino
Lucille D'Aquino
Sheri Deitch
Patricia Dooley
Deborah Eater
Lynn Ebeling
Susan Evershed
Melanie Eyth
Louise Fiore
Rita Flack
Shane Forbes
Thomas Furey
Jennifer Glatt
Elvira Gourley
Diane Greenberg
Lucia Grilletto
Robert Hansen
Addie Hocynec
Marybeth Hucker


June Jones
Armor Keller
Raymond Kirsch
Joan Klein
Kira Kraiman
Gigi Louise Lawrence
Sandy Lochrie
Ann M. Malik
Nancy Markowich
Betty Minnucci
Loretta Montgomery
Aurelia Nieves-Callwood
Ray Overpeck
Fred Place
Natalia Popova
Pat Powell
Jane Ramsey
Don Robb


John Satriano
Florence Schadler
George Servais
Sharon Shaw
April Silverman
Pat Slavek
Karen Smith
Jas Szygiel
Jeanette Trigo Gonzalez
JC Turner
Margaret Vail
Helena vanEmmerik Finn
Dore Vorum
Bob Waggener
Meg Wallace
Bridget Warne
Mary Weber
Janie Weisbecker
Elizabeth Wheeler