Community Commitment & Investment 

The Conservatory does more than just provide music, art and therapy classes.  Since 2000, our non-profit organization has provided free and subsidized arts enrichment programs that benefit people of all ages, backgrounds, income levels and abilities.  About 20% of our annual budget goes towards four charitable outreach initiatives that provide life-changing opportunities for self-expression.  Help us bring the arts to someone who might otherwise never have had the chance to shine!  Together, we can help them discover the power of their own creativity.

MUSIC THERAPY: Music therapy for children and adults with special needs
"Our adult autism/IDD music therapy participants love playing the instruments and singing along to a variety of tunes during The Conservatory's weekly classes.  The biggest benefit I see is the interaction that occurs during these sessions.  It is a great social exercise, and one common bond that these new friends share with each other." - Dana Wojciechowski, BARC   

  • A $500 donation provides a pilot program at a local pediatrics unit that serves approximately 15 physically/mentally challenged children
  • A $250 donation subsidized therapy for 5 families who have significant expenses related to their childrens' challenges
  • A $100 donation provides additional instruments used by more than 20 students during group music therapy

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smART (Formerly Neighborhood Notes): Arts mentoring program that pairs teens with at-risk youth

"Many of our Youth Center residents have backgrounds that include abuse, neglect and trauma.  We believe The Conservatory's weekly instruction in percussion, keyboard, guitar and the visual arts are important to help them learn new ways to cope with stress and express their feelings." - John F. Corr, Bucks County Youth Center.  

  • A $500 donation makes possible a scholarship to one student at the youth center, which provides hope and helps develop talent
  • A $250 donation provides subsidized individual lessons for a child unable to pay for lessons
  • A $100 donation allows us to conduct one weekly workshop at a local school or community center

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ARTS FOR SENIORS: Music and art programs for senior residences
"Your ceramics class is a great experience for our residents because it is such a tactile way of making art.  Many have vision problems due to their dementia but can feel their way in shaping the clay.  The cool texture of the clay, and the repetitive motions of molding it, calms them." - Kristen Moore, The Garden at Pine Run Community 

  • A $500 donation provides a concert or sing-a-long event at one senior living facility on three occasions
  • A $250 donation provides lesson subsidies for three seniors during the school year
  • A $10o donation enables The Conservatory to provide one Student on Tour Concert at an area senior home

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TUITION ASSISTANCE GRANTS: Financial support for financially disadvantaged families
"Without your financial aid program my son wouldn't have been able to take piano lessons in high school, and now he's going to college on a music scholarship.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Parent of a former student

  • A $500 donation provides tuition assistance to two students who otherwise would not be able to take lessons
  • A $250 donation provides assistance to five therapy students to reduce the burden of high expenses related to having a child with a disablility
  • A $100 donation allows two disadvantaged students to participate in group lesson

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