This year, 150 children in Doylestown ages 9-18 who qualify for Title I benefits

received arts education at The Conservatory! 

Please make a donation this Giving Tuesday to support the continuation and growth of this important program.

The Kindred Arts program offers low-income children a safe place to explore music, drama, and art.  

By participating in the arts, youth gain valuable skills that improve self-discipline, social interactions, self-accountability, confidence, and problem-solving.   By experiencing creativity, we believe that disadvantaged youth will be equi
pped with important life skills to make better decisions that will lead to lifestyles that are filled with less anxiety, depression and social isolation. 

Our mission is to inspire growth and confidence in individuals regardless of age, ability or economic circumstances, so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve their fullest potential and experience enriched, fulfilled lives. 

The children in our community are a worthy cause.  
Their future is our future!