Performance Opportunities at The Conservatory

An important part of music education is providing our students with the opportunity to share what they have learned through performance.  We encourage all of our students to experience the joys and challenges of performing.  By performing, students will build self-confidence and strengthen presentation, social and goal setting skills.


Participating in the following events is open to all Conservatory students:

The Sounds of Excellence Concert - this annual concert is held each spring at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia.  Students experience performing in a world class performance hall.  This event is by audition only.  This concert is generously supported by The Presser Foundation.  Click here for more information.

Jazz Performance Program- our ensembles focus on musicianship, skill building and jazz repertoire.  Click here for more information. 

Student Recitals - each year we host several student recitals in our 112 seat performance hall.   Students enjoy recitals at Halloween, the holidays and year end.  

Music Cafe - each spring we offer a relaxed salon style event where our adult students can share their music with friends and family.

Students on Tour - each month students volunteer their time and talents to perform 1 hour concerts to local senior living facilities for the purpose of enriching the lives of the seniors in our community.  This outreach program is generously supported by Janssen Pharmaceutical. Click here to see all of our SOT locations in 2018-2019.

Piano Certificate Assessment Program -  The Conservatory’s Piano Certificate Assessment Program is an excellent goal setting program for students to gauge their learning process.  This is a non-competitive performance evaluation held each spring.  It is open to all piano students but it is not a required program.  Click here for more information. 


Most of the above programs have no additional costs to participate or attend.