Celebrating 2017-2018 Student Achievements

The Conservatory celebrates the musical achievements of our students throughout the school year. 

We are proud of the following students for working toward their goals and for the time they have put into practicing, studying, and sharing music.  We are grateful to be a part of your journey!


Marjorie Y., Violin Student - auditioned for the first time for the Conservatory's 2018 Sounds of Excellence concert.  In her mother's words, "she was very brave and extremely persistent to memorize her piece and perform it wonderfully for the audition panel." 

Jerry C., Piano Student - performed “Humming Bird” and “Fountain in the Rain” at The Golden Key Festival and was awarded the Highest Honor of Gold.  He was honored to perform at Carnegie Hall on 6/2/2018.

Emily T., Violin and Piano Student - joined the Cold Spring Elementary Orchestra, and was admitted into the Youth Orchestra of Bucks County as a violinist. She also received High Honors for piano in PhMTA Performance Festival.

Alison C., Voice Student - was honored to place as 5th Alto in the BCMEA High School Chorus for this year’s Music Festival.  She also performed in CB South’s spring musical of “Aida”.

Bridgett W., Piano Student - participated in The Golden Key Festival and placed with Highest Honor of Gold in the piano solo competition.  Bridgett received the Honor of Silver in the duet competition with Matthew L.  Due to her placement at The Golden Key Festival, Bridgett performed at Carnegie Hall on 6/2/18.

Matthew L., Piano Student - participated in The Golden Key Festival and placed with the Honor of Silver in the duet competition with Bridgett W.  Due to his placement at The Golden Key Festival, Matthew performed at Carnegie Hall on 6/2/18.

Natalie B., Flute Student - attended the Scottish International Flute Summer School in Scotland where she attended a Master Class with Ian Clarke.  She competed in the Philadelphia Music Teacher's Association Andor Kiszely auditioned recital competition with two other Conservatory students. 


The following students qualified to perform at the 2018 Sounds of Excellence Concert at the Kimmel Center:

Julia B. (piano), Jerry, C. (piano), Alan Z. (piano), Trisha G. (piano), Natalie B. (flute), Jianrui S. (piano), Victoria R. (voice), Anthony S. (piano), Nathan L. (piano) , Emily T. (piano), Willdragon W. (piano), Julien M. (violin), Emma T. (French horn), Maddox C. (piano), Prosper C. (piano)., Rachel H. (piano), Hayden K. (cello), Oliver H. (piano), Raina B. (flute), Julia C. (piano), Christopher C. (trumpet), Ian F. (bass), Logan F. (saxophone), Faith H. (drums), Ron X. (piano), Devin W. (piano), Timothy W. (violin), Marissa K. (cello), Anna D. (piano), Rayna P. (voice), Phoebe V. (viola), Bridgett W. (piano), Laurel S. (piano), Clara A. (piano), Lilian H. (piano) and Aaron W. (piano).


The following students participated in the 2018 Piano Certificate Assessment program:

Amanda G., Trisha G., Jianrui S., Giana G., Sanaya S., Lisa F., Lena C., Maria A., Evan B., David G., Julia S., Alex C., Riley H., Kaitlyn F., Kylee G., Alan Z., Emma M., Emily C., William Y., Ethan H., Kyler H., Matthew L., Camber B., Serena L., Marci W., Alyssa L., Kieran P., Madeleine L., Anselm W., Neale W., Kayden T., Kenny Y., Kurt S., Bobby W., Sam R., Jack R., Lauren B., Clara A., Jerry C., Lilian H., Nathan L. and Asher M.


The following students participated in the 2017-2018 Students on Tour Program: 

Maria A., Natalie B., Evan B., Julia B., Anthony B., Timothy B., Giana B., Maureen C., Emily C., Jerry C., Rose D., Austin D., Sharon F., Chris F., Amanda G., Trisha G., Sydney G., Victoria H., Albert H., Lily J., Sarah K., Sophie K., Lucy K., Marissa K., Kaitlyn L., Caitlin L., Christopher L., Anna L., Eric L., Lina L., Nathan L., Christine L., Catherine L., Albert H., Oliver H., Ryan M., Carly P., Keely P., Alegria P., Yana R., Dorothy R., Lucas R., Adleigh S., Laurel S., Margaret S., Phoebe V., Timothy W., James W., Devin W., Oliver X., Richard X., Autumn X., William Y., Richard Y., Washington Y., Alan Z. and Roy Z..

Students on Tour appeared at Dock Meadows, Doylestown Care & Rehab, New Seasons of New Britain, Christ’s Home Retirement, Wesley Enhanced Living (Hatbroro), Brookdale Cottage, Anne’s Choice at the Rose Garden, Greenleaf Nursing Home, Neshaminy Manor, Pinerun Lakeview, Arden Courts, Greenfield Senior Living, Wesley Enhanced Living, Belle Haven, Masonic Village and Dock Meadows.