The Conservatory provides music therapy in a fun and supportive environment for individuals with visual and hearing impairments, developmental, physical and emotional disabilities, palliative care, early intervention and language/communication disorders. We offer a variety of services, including private and group music therapy and adapted lessons on the guitar, piano and voice.  Our board-certified music therapists will create a unique plan based on the goals and needs of the individual. 

What Is Music Therapy?

The American Music Therapy Association ( defines music therapy as “the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.”

Music Therapists are trained to address the non-musical goals of individuals by using a variety of musical techniques such as improvisation, songwriting, playing of instruments, listening to music, singing/humming and movement to achieve goals.   Goals are based on the individual’s diagnosis and not on achieving musical goals.  Individuals do not need to be musically inclined to benefit from music therapy.  


What Are The Benefits Of Music Therapy?
  • Improve socialization, cognitive skills and motor development
  • To help manage stress, anxiety and pain
  • Builds pride and self-confidence through success
  • Enhanced communications and memory
  • Promotes physical rehabilitation
  • Releases inner creativity and self-expression
  • Utilizes the arts to influence positive changes and to achieve greatest personal potential
What Are Adaptive Lessons?
Our Music Therapists can also provide lessons in piano, guitar and voice where the primary goal of the session is to achieve musical skills.  Individuals with a diagnosis may struggle in traditional lessons where the teacher may not have the appropriate training to help manage the individuals’ diagnosis. In an adaptive lesson, the training and education of the Music Therapist is applied to provide the best possible learning experience for the student.  The Music Therapist is teaching the necessary skills to play an instrument and not addressing any treatment goals. Adaptive lessons are available in guitar, voice and piano.
Where Does Music Therapy Happen?
Sessions for music therapy and adaptive music lessons occur on site at The Conservatory.  We also provide music therapy programs to senior communities, schools, hospice centers, pediatric centers and mental health centers throughout the Bucks and Montgomery Counties.  If you would like more information about contracting a music therapist for your location please contact our Executive Director, Rachael Gallagher at 215-230-9574.

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