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smArt provides free lessons and group classes in music, art, and acting to at-risk children in very low income neighborhoods in Bucks County. The program brings together 15-19 year old, intermediate-advanced level Conservatory students who are trained and volunteer as student teachers and mentors to children ages 5-12. The goals of the program are to provide opportunities for artistic expression and to improve self esteem and offer hope for children who live with the constant threat of violence and are surrounded by illegal drugs and gang influences.


smArt is dedicated to providing free arts education for at-risk children, community service opportunities for adolescents and community development through mural production.

The Program

  •  Adolescents ages 15-20 volunteer to be trained as student teachers and mentors.
  •  Children ages 5-12 take free group classes and individual lessons in music, visual art and acting taught by the student volunteers.
  •  Professional teaching artists provide workshops in music, art and acting.
  •  Professional artists, student teachers and children produce murals in different communities.

 Goals and Benefits

  •  To expose children to the arts and to begin to build skills.
  •  To create opportunities for self-expression.
  •  To provide safe, comfortable after-school programs.
  •  To provide adolescents with training and hands-on learning experiences as arts educators.
  •  To improve and beautify communities through mural production.