Senior Community Recital Outreach
Students from the Conservatory donate their time and talents to the "Students on Tour" concert series to enrich the lives of the seniors in our community. This event is held once a month and runs for one hour on the weekends. The audience is encouraged to participate with familiar tunes by singing and clapping. Please note that ownership of a piano is not necessary. Michelle Cosgrove, our Students on Tour Manager contacts area communities in order to book these student performances throughout the year. Recitals may be requested at any senior facility in our operating region. 

Have fun and perform with talented fellow students at local senior living facilities.  The group is an all-volunteer student ensemble.  Members of the group are awarded a certificate at the end of each semester.  

To perform or for more information:

Michelle D. Cosgrove
Students on Tour Manager (email is the best method of contact)

New Internship & Performance Opportunties:

Dear Students: 

I have some exciting news regarding our program!!  The Conservatory's board of directors has approved the expansion of our outreach recitals to twice a month.  This will be in effect during the school year, not the summer months.  It will begin in January.  I will be releasing the sign-up dates soon for December through March.

Here's what this means to you: I will not always be the emcee for the recitals.  (Although I will still be coordinating every recital.)  The second recital of each month will be run by one of my student interns. 

So who are my student interns?
  It could be you!  With the expansion of the program,  I have developed a wonderful opportunity for our student body.  I will have internship opportunities for both an emcee AND a student accompanist for the additional recitals.  If you are interested in this, I am taking names for training. I already have 2 students in training, so you may recognize Timothy Wan and Kaitlyn LeCompte in the next couple of months as emcees. I have an immediate need for student accompanists.
Prerequisites: be a current Conservatory student, and participate in at least 3 recitals as a normal performer; during which you can begin training.  If you have been active with the program during 2015, past performances will count. 

Compensation:  $25 per recital (after training).  Your time will also be counted as community service, with an active leadership role.  This will look spectacular on college and job applications, scholarships referrals, etc.  Below are details for each role.

Provide accompaniment to the one or two students who may need it during the recital.  Please note that there is not always the need to accompany any students, but you may still be hired to play at the recital.  Also note that many times the music is extremely easy.  You will be given the music a minimum of two weeks prior to the recital, and you will be responsible for scheduling a rehearsal time (unpaid) with the student before the recital at your mutual convenience.  I will give both parties the contact information to facilitate scheduling.  The Conservatory studios may be used for rehearsal; please contact the registrar to reserve an open room.  You may plan to do this during your normal lesson, which is recommended your first couple of times. 

The biggest need is extra music to stretch the length of the recital.  I will need "filler" music when I don't have enough student volunteers.  You may play whatever you have prepared to play in a normal recital, but if that doesn't fill enough time, you will be required to learn about 4 standard songs.  They will be sing-along songs, where you will just play the piano part, and the audience will sing along with hand-outs.  I will be compiling gig binders that has 10 songs to choose from.  You can pick the 4 songs which are easiest for you to play, and use them over and over again for each recital that you do.  These binders will be available to you to use for practice as soon as you sign up for the program, so you will have plenty of time to learn the material.

I will be available for free accompaniment training as part of the preparation for this program.  If you don't have time to work on this with your teacher, I will have half hour sessions available to you on Saturday mornings.  Contact me for more info. 

The emcee is the announcer and organizer on recital day.  They are responsible for picking up the printed programs and a music stand from the Conservatory the week of the recital, which are available for pick-up by Friday evening latest.  Then you must show up to the recital location 20 mins before the start of the recital to take care of any set-up.  This may include checking in with the facility, moving any furniture (piano included) to create a performance area, checking in students as they arrive and noting any program changes, handing out programs to residents (or recruiting students to do so), and introducing the Students on Tour program and its students by using a speech guideline. 

Residents can be very hard of hearing, so part of your training will be to learn voice projection.  Sometimes a microphone is available, but most often you will need to be able to project your voice to the back of a large room.  I will help you work on this as you direct the recitals under my supervision during your training.

Please contact me if you are interested and would like more details on these internships.  I am very excited about this development and can't wait to see what our students are capable of!  Thank you everyone for your support, and have a fabulous school year.

Michelle Cosgrove
Students on Tour Manager