Music Performance

An important part of music education is providing our students with the opportunity to share what they have learned through performance. We encourage all of our students to experience the joys and challenges of performing. By performing, students will build self-confidence and strengthen presentation, social and goal setting skills.



The Performance Program

Ensemble participation is a fundamental part of music education. Performing ensembles give students opportunities to develop listening skills, to create music as a team, and to put critical thinking into action by making music.


Our ensembles are small so that students have their moment to shine as well as having a clear sense of responsibility for their part in creating music as a team.

Ensembles enroll throughout the year. Interested students must be able to read music and complete a skills assessment with the ensemble director. The purpose of the assessment is to hear the skill level of the interested student so that we accurately match the student skill set with other enrolled students. While our ensembles strive for advanced level of performance, it is important to us that we nurture all students who are interested in performing with a small ensemble.

We do require students to make a commitment to attending weekly rehearsals, student concerts and other performance opportunities throughout the year.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced student, being part of an ensemble will certainly be to your advantage. If you are ready to be part of an ensemble, please contact Program Director, Casey Bonner at 215-340-7979 for more information.

Learn more about the Performance Program here!


Recitals for musicians is a tradition of sharing music in a group setting. Family and friends gather to celebrate the accomplishments of all students. At The Conservatory, we hold an estimated 25 recitals throughout the year for both kids and adults participating.


While participating in our recitals is not a requirement, it is encouraged for all student to experience performing for others. Recitals help to build confidence skills, provide a goal to work towards, and gives each student a moment to shine!

The Conservatory supports all students and their skill level. We love having our beginner students playing Twinkle, Twinkle to our advance students playing Chopin.


Each recital is only about 1 hour and there are not additional recital fees for participating. Virtual Zoom Recitals and In-Person Recitals in our Performance Hall are available to current students.

Student Recitals


Music Café

Each spring we offer a relaxed café style event where our adult students can share their music with friends and family.


The event is usually about 1 hour and provides an opportunity for all of our adult students to meet and socialize together while celebrating their accomplishments.


Students on Tour

Students on Tour is one of The Conservatory’s charitable programs. Students who want to give back to their community and have a desire to perform above the provided student recital schedule can participate each month at a different location.

This program is currently paused due to the pandemic and limited access to senior care and rehab facilities.


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