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Clarinet Instructors

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Debra Atteson

Clarinet, Piano & Flute Instructor

Debra earned her BS in Music Education from West Chester University as a piano and clarinet major. She earned her MA in Music Therapy from Immaculata University. Clarinet instruction with first chair Philly Pops, Joe Smith, Tery Guidetti at West Chester University and a custom mouthpiece from A. M. Gigliotti at Peabody Conservatory. Classical piano instruction with MaryAnne Reitz, Jacques Voois at West Chester University and William Carr (who studied at the Juilliard School) at Immaculata University.

She has worked as a Music Therapist in long term care and has over 25 years of teaching piano, clarinet, alto sax and flute to students as young as 5 to 102. Debra has firsthand experience with Autism as her son has Asperger’s and a reading disability. Her specialty is crafting adaptive techniques to help special needs children feel successful during music lessons and beyond.

Allison Goldberg

Piano and Clarinet Instructor

Allison holds a Bachelors Degree in Music Education from West Chester University with a concentration in clarinet. She studied clarinet under Dr. Chris DeSanto and Tery Guidetti, and piano under Teri Kleinfelter. Allison has also completed several Graduate courses in Music Education and is certified in K-12 music education in Pennsylvania. Allison's experience encompasses both classroom and private studio teaching. She worked as an instrumental group class teacher and band director for grades 4-8 for eight years in private schools. Her private clarinet/piano studio was established in 2001. She previously taught clarinet and piano for Music & Arts and then joined the Conservatory faculty in 2010. Allison is available to accompany her clarinet students on piano, giving her pupils an added advantage in preparation for solo performances. Allison has performing experience in classical bands, Klezmer clarinet, and chamber music. She performed with Klezmer Band for Temple Shalom in Broomall, Philadelphia Doctors Orchestra, including 2 performances at the Kimmel Center, and Ensemble Impromptu (Chamber Music Group).

Viktoriia Popova

Piano and Clarinet Instructor

Viktoriia studied piano and clarinet at Music Arts College, Khabarovsk, Far East, Russia and graduated in 2007. From 2007 to 2009 Viktoriia worked with Far East Symphony in Khaboarovsk, Russia. She has considerable experience teaching all ages and skill levels and working with students who have disabilities. Viktoriia has taught piano and clarinet in China and Cambodia. Viktoriia develops innovative and imaginative, individual lesson plans for her students. She is multi-lingual and can speak English, Russian, Cambodian, and Chinese.

Will Mullen

Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet Instructor

Will Mullen earned a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education from Temple University with a concentration in saxophone and jazz studies. While at Temple, Will studied jazz saxophone with Tim Warfield and studied saxophones, clarinets and flute/piccolo with Frank Mazzeo. He also studied Oboe/English horn with Dr. Meghan Woodard. Will is certified in K-12 music education in Pennsylvania, and has always had a passion for instrumental music. He loves to work with younger learners and was an instructor for Jazz Lives Philadelphia, a program that works with Philadelphia schools to bring local jazz musicians in to give masterclasses and ensemble tutelage. As a freelancer, Will has performed in a wide array of genres and ensembles, including The Arden Theatre company, the 11th hour theater company, and, locally, has subbed in classical and jazz ensembles on multiple woodwind instruments.

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