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Covid Policies Update- May 2021

Updated: May 17, 2021

Due to the recent announcement made by the CDC and the PA Department of Health, The Conservatory will be relaxing our COVID policies. We are encouraging everyone to follow the CDC guidance and we assume that unvaccinated individuals will continue to wear a mask. This is an honor system and The Conservatory will not be requiring proof of vaccination from anyone. We expect that families will make the best decisions for the health and safety of their family members.

Students and faculty members can remain virtual if they choose.

Please review the below updated polices that take effect today, Friday, May 14th:

General Building Procedures:

  • Cleaning between lessons is no longer required. Each room will be provided with a bucket of communal cleaning supplies should you want to continue to wipe things down. Please be extra careful with the pianos and only use the supplies in the bucket.

  • The sink on the 2nd floor will remain as an extra hand washing station for good hygiene practices.

  • Hand sanitizer will remain available around the building and at the front door.

  • Food may be consumed in the building.

Mask Wearing in the Building:

  • Per the new guidelines released by the CDC on May 13th, The Conservatory is also lifting the mask mandate in the building.

  • We ask everyone to be respectful of anyone who chooses to wear, or not wear, a mask at their own personal discretion.

  • We encourage families/students and teachers to have open conversations with each other to confirm what each person is comfortable with.

Social Distancing:

  • We are relaxing the social distance guidelines.

  • We are asking families/students to be aware of the personal preferences of our faculty members for continued distance if desired.

  • Students and parents are permitted to wait on the 2nd floor, although less seating will be available due to the sink.

Instruments in the Building:

  • All instruments are welcomed into the building without the need for a mask, bell cover, or use of a tent. We encourage unvaccinated individuals to continue to use these mitigation options.

  • Wind Tents are still available if requested.

Room Assignments:

  • Will remain as scheduled until we make the shift to opening more rooms for the summer.

  • All current rooms in use will continue to have an air purifier available.

Sick Policy:

  • If students are not feeling well, please request that your in-person lesson be switched to a virtual lesson. Teachers need to be notified as early as possible to make this switch. Not all teachers can accommodate a last minute switch.

  • We will continue to use virtual lessons to mitigate any kind of “sickness” in the building.

Testing Positive for COVID

  • Any student or direct family member who receives a positive COVID test is required to follow the notification rules of the PA State Department of Health (https://www.health.pa.gov/topics/disease/coronavirus/Pages/COVID-Alert-FAQs.aspx) and to notify Executive Director Rachael Gallagher at 267-885-6196.


Rachael Gallagher

Executive Director

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