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Our Annual Appeal

What a year it has been!

We hope you and yours have remained healthy during this trying time. Here at The Conservatory, we’ve been busy seeking new ways to safely serve our community through arts education.

The pandemic has deeply impacted everyone's lives - especially those of disadvantaged youth, seniors, people with disabilities, and families. While many of our annual programs were suspended due to health and safety restrictions, we have worked diligently to shift our operations to new models of community engagement:

● Lessons went virtual, making a quick shift to continue lessons during the stay-at-home orders and provide some sense of normalcy for students;

● Once restrictions were lifted, faculty safely visited nursing homes to provide a musical outlet to our most at-risk population;

● We began offering monthly family-friendly “Storybook Concerts” to provide socially-distanced, educational fun for young children;

● To bring music right into your home, we started a “Live from The Conservatory” concert series featuring faculty, students, and friends for monthly live streams.

The Conservatory has been a constant source of music education and entertainment during this unpredictable year. Our students have learned they can make music on their own in any environment, even though it may be more fun with friends. We’ve all learned that creativity in music and art are necessary in our lives.

I hope you agree with all of us at The Conservatory that music and art are universal languages that bring everyone together, near or far. With this in mind, I ask you to reach deep into your heart and make a special gift to The Conservatory this year.

Your tax-deductible donation to The Conservatory allows us to keep providing essential cultural programs to the community, like our Kindred Arts program. Kindred Arts is an after-school, multicultural music and arts program designed for local low-income youth funded by generous supporters like you. Would you consider being the reason someone hears music today?

As we end this challenging year, we look forward to one thing: continuing to enrich people’s lives by providing high quality education in music, performance and therapy for our community.

We wish you and your loved ones a happy, healthy holiday season.


Rachael Gallagher, Executive Director

Direct Link to Donation Page: https://www.myconservatory.org/donate-support

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