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Performance Program Students Attend the Berks Jazz Fest!

Eight jazz students traveled from The Conservatory Monday evening and attended a jazz clinic at the Berks Jazz Fest. Our students got to work with Mike Eben (Program Director of Get JazzED), Albert Rivera (Saxophone/keyboard) and Andrew Nue (Saxophone). The students showed off their knowledge of jazz while picking up a few pointers from the mentors. Justin has us all well taken care of with a pizza dinner, drinks, salad, and cupcakes for the kids. We couldn't have been surrounded by a friendlier staff from the Double Tree Hotel, the tech crew and teachers! Our kids attended a Jam Fest hosted by Mike Eben featuring by Albert and Andrew along with other great musicians from the Berks and Philly area. The concert was open to other students from the area to attend as well. It was amazing to watch Mike call up groups of kids to play together and take solos on the fly. We are so proud of all our students!!!!

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