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Re-branding Announcement: Our Roadmap For The Future

Re-branding The Conservatory

Our strategic vision for the future

We are excited to share important news regarding the evolution of The Conservatory! We want to first thank you for your business and support. We have been a part of the Bucks County community for over 33 years because of our families, teachers, and students. We are grateful for the support we received this past year to endure the pandemic. Covid has helped us to inform and clarify our next steps for organizational growth and stability.

We are proud to announce that we are changing our brand name and nonprofit identity from The Conservatory to Signature School of Music. The name change is a result of a re-branding effort designed to mirror the growth and transformation of our school. While we hold fast to the values of our founders, we are not the school that was originally formed in the 1980's. By changing our name, we are embracing who we have become over the last decade or so. We are a school that leaves a unique mark on all those who enter our doors seeking a life-long personal connection to music regardless of age, ability, or life circumstances.

While this name change is not completely official yet due to the slowed down process with the State of Pennsylvania, we have no doubt that in the coming weeks we will receive all approvals.

We are announcing these plans now because along with the re-branding we will be adjusting our business model. Covid has impacted many nonprofit music schools like us across the nation. We are not alone in transforming our business due to our unique Covid experience.

Our traditional Advance Registration process will be opening on June 14th for current students. This will be our last Advance Registration enrollment process as the school will move away from a 2-term model, to a year-round model providing consistent access to music education. We will be establishing new programs in the coming months and creating an Educational Recording Studio in our building!

We will continue to provide further details and updates over the next several months. Please read our full re-branding strategic vision of how we will shape Signature School of Music in the next few years.


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