Music Therapy

Music is Transformative! It can spark the most amazing moments. It can be as simple as providing an individual the courage to sing a song or bringing about a smile of pure joy from an otherwise unresponsive individual. 

Music therapy is about improving the quality of life for a person with disabilities. It is designed to be an enjoyable and goal-oriented process. Each individual is unique and therefore receives music therapy based on their own needs and goals. 


The best thing about music therapy is that no background in music is required for a person to benefit from this approach.

Our music therapy program is provided by Bachelors and Masters level therapists certified by The American Music Therapy Association.


The Conservatory is committed to providing access to the arts to everyone in our community including those that have emotional, cognitive, physical, or social challenges. We provide a warm, caring and supportive environment so that individuals can have meaningful experiences with music and art. We are proud to have subsidized programs with help from the generosity of individual donors, PCA and foundations. We are especially grateful to Janssen for making these programs possible.

Music Therapy Monthly Rates

Adaptive Music Lessons

30 mins - $124.00


45 mins - $186.00


60 mins - $248.00

Adaptive Music Lessons

Adaptive lessons are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of the students who might have difficulty learning in a traditional music lesson due to varying needs or abilities. While learning an instrument may benefit the student in many ways, the teacher is not addressing any treatment goals related to the student's diagnosis. Adaptive lessons are provided in piano, guitar and voice. For more information about our teachers, their availability and scheduling lessons please call 215-340-7979.

Adaptive Art Lessons

Just like our adaptive music lessons, our adaptive group art lessons are offered to organizations at our school. Our art teacher is not addressing any treatment goals related to the student's diagnosis but will provide a creative, caring, skill based artistic experience.
To have your organization schedule lessons please call 215-340-7979.