Virtual Learning

The Conservatory’s virtual learning music program is an exciting and easy way to bring music into your home or just about from anywhere.  Virtual lessons provide an advantage when schedules are busy, a student is more comfortable learning in a familiar environment, health reasons, and many more.    


We are excited to continue to offer virtual lessons to our community.  To get started, give us call or click the Enroll Now button.   


We look forward to seeing you online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about our Virtual Learning? Let's see if we can answer your question:   


Q: What can I expect from a virtual private lesson?
A: Your online private lesson will be like a traditional in-person lesson. Your teacher will demonstrate new techniques, provide exercises to practice, and help you learn repertoire. Your lessons will be tailored to meet your goals.  


Q: What is the difference between virtual lessons and forms of recorded video lessons I can find online?  

A: During a virtual lesson, your teacher will build a rapport with you, provide feedback and inspire you.  Building a relationship is important to your progress.

Q: Are Virtual Lessons practical for a beginning student?  
A: Yes, virtual lessons are very practical for all levels of playing. It might be challenging for some younger, beginner students at first. We encourage a parent/guardian to attend the virtual lesson for younger players so that skills are developed correctly.

Q: What formats do you use?
A: Our teachers use a couple different formats such as Zoom, Skype and FaceTime since we've had the best results with these formats. You can always discuss which format has worked best for you with your teacher.

Q: What if I don't have an instrument at home for a virtual lesson?
A: Although The Conservatory does not provide instrument rentals, we can recommend sources for you to either rent or purchase your instrument for your home. If you currently don't own the instrument, please let us know beforehand so we can develop a good start date to begin your virtual lesson. 

Q: How often do we meet? 
A: Our virtual lessons meet once a week at the same day and time just like our in-person lessons.  We offer lessons in 30, 45 or 60 minutes.  Virtual lessons are subject to the same expectations and polices as in-person lessons. 

Q: Can I switch to in-person lessons? 
A: Yes we are happy to discuss moving to in-person lessons.  Please give us a call.  

Q: As a virtual student can I participate in recitals? 
A: Yes.  We plan to have in-person and virtual recitals available.  Virtual students can participate either way.   

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Virtual Lesson Tips

The Conservatory wants your virtual experience to be the best it can be! Use these helpful hints for any lessons you may have coming up: 

  • Take your class in a distraction-free zone. 

  • A laptop or desktop are the best devices to use, and an iPad will work fine.  

  • Always be prepared! Make sure you have all necessary classwork items: instrument, music sheets, tuner, metronome, etc. 

  • Set up your technology before your virtual lesson begins, turn on your device and connect to the Wi-Fi or ethernet.  

  • When using Zoom, be sure to Turn Enable Original Sound ON. Further instructions below. 

  • Place the Camera where your Teacher can have a good view of you, and the way you play your instrument.


  • Find your light, and make sure your Teacher can see you!  

Connecting with Original Sound for better music sound transmission on Zoom: 

  • On a computer: go to Audio Settings, the up arrow next to the microphone icon at the lower left of the screen. Go to Advanced settings, and toggle Enable Original sound ON. The upper left of your screen should then say "Turn OFF Original sound". 

  • On an iPhone or iPad: BEFORE joining the lesson, In Zoom go to Settings, then Meetings, and toggle on "Use Original Sound". Then after you join the lesson, go to "... more", and enable original sound.